Descrizione Progetto


Francesco Fratini Quartet originates from a shared interest in the study of music by the members of the group.  Coming from different backgrounds, Francesco Fratini, Domenico Sanna, Luca Fattorini and Matteo Bultrini have collaborated for years as sidemen in various bands to finally find themselves reunited in this new project.
The group is born and raised in Rome, a very traditional and yet eccentric city, a fertile ground for the inspiration. The idea is that of an extremely democratic ensemble, where music itself is the focus of the narration, and where each member provides his own fundamental contribution to the free development of musical creation. This idea can only be realized thanks to the deep friendship and esteem that binds the members of the quartet, as well as the variety of the compositions proposed.
Places, people, ideas: the original repertoire of the band comes out as strongly evocative, inevitably devoted to the musical communication of such suggestions. What results is a compact and determined sound, an expression of the urban civilization, the setting of our everyday lives.